Grepolis: Wage War in the Time of the Gods

grepolis browser game

Grepolis is a browser based city builder and strategic war game set in ancient greek times, where you summon the might of the gods to be on your side while you lay siege to other players cities and defend your own. Heroes you can recruit to take your side include the mighty Hercules and Leonidas.

There are 30 useful technologies to research and 13 different buildings to construct while you build up your army and city before looking to aggressively expand vs other players.

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God of War Games

god of war games

The God of War series is to Greek Mythology what the Call of Duty games are to Modern Warfare. Far from being a loyal and accurate depiction of what the respective games subjects are, they are both series that allow their respective fan bases to immerse themselves in some reasonably familiar history and enjoy playing through scenarios that are relevant to their interests. God of War is distinctly Ancient Greece-oriented, a trilogy by Santa Monica Games where you control a known as Kratos warrior in the third-person perspective, wielding powerful chain-like weapons that allow you to grapple enemies, attack them, and perform different combos; you're also imbued with various magical powers as well.

The first God of War was a definite breakthrough that blew away critics and players alike. Its story-driven structure was nothing but sublime and took you through three or four acts of pure mythological greek action with all of the power-ups and abilities development you could ask for. Cheeky little ventures into the platform genre also inject energy into the game, and the ability to use parts of fallen enemies as weapons is also genius. God of War 2 was at least as incredible as the original, only with improvements where they were needed most in areas such as wall climbing and how far objects move when kicking them. Even the pace of this second title is sublime, with transitions from battle to puzzle almost seamless and perfectly balanced.

God of War 3 is on a different level entirely. Not only does it benefit from the added might of PS3 hardware, the developer successfully carried the game across the console-based generational gap. The opening scene on Mount Olympus - which is literally coming alive as you battle enemies, while parts of it crumble beneath you - is probably the best choreographed and perfectly executed opening sequences of any game to date. Sublime from start to finish, the game is still a top contender, both technically and aesthetically.

Zeus Master of Olympus

Zeus Master of Olympus

With both Pharaoh and Caesar under their belt, it's no wonder Zeus: Master of Olympus is hailed as an instant classic. Just like those games and the ones in the Sim City franchise, you will need to make roads, take zoning into consideration and build utility buildings for your citizens.

As this is a Greek-themed title through and through, the gods do play a role in your city's development. There's Zeus, Aphrodite, Hercules, Hermes, Jason even Aries. All of the major gods are represented in the game.