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Zeus Master of Olympus

Defeat the Hydra with Hercules in Zeus: Master of Olympus

Build an Empire

With both Pharaoh and Caesar under their belt, it's no wonder Zeus: Master of Olympus is hailed as an instant classic. Just like those games and the ones in the Sim City franchise, you will need to make roads, take zoning into consideration and build utility buildings for your citizens.

As with other games in the genre, you will not be able to micro manage your city dwellers. Rest assured, each one of them is doing something productive. For instance, you need only to build fountains to have delivery men bring water to houses. You could follow the lives of each of your virtual subjects if you wish, but your attention is best directed towards expanding the city. To help guide you are goals which would require you to, say, slay certain monsters, expand the size of your treasury and conquering neighboring cities.

Basically, the game play is a balancing act, you will need to make more jobs for the people and have enough city dwellers to do the jobs. People need food and goods which will need you to be savvy at trading.

Release Date: 03/11/2000

Available on: Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.6/5

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A Thirst for Power

As this is a Greek-themed title through and through, the gods do play a role in your city's development. There's Zeus, Aphrodite, Hercules, Hermes, Jason even Aries. All of the major gods are represented in the game. Of course, each of them needs a temple and, true to their nature in literature, you may not want to anger them if you don't want to risk their wrath. Building sanctuaries will give you perks such as better crops and a deity to fight alongside your troops in battle. Not every god is created equal so things are balanced by their cost.

Combat may be done automatically or manually. The system is a tad clunky as even accurately clicking on individual troops is troublesome. Having a handful of heroes and war gods on your side usually solves the problem as it keeps your city safe from invasions.

All in all, Zeus: Master of Olympus is a big step forward for the developer's line of city builders. The new mission system may not seem like a major improvement but it adds a depth and a significant amount of longevity. There are even three game modes to enjoy, allowing you to focus on the title's military aspect, its economics or everything at once with its sandbox mode. It's great for both genre novices and those who've built virtual empires across the globe.


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Zeus Master of Olympus is developed by Impressions Games.

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