Mother of Myth Mobile: Slay Mythical Greek Monsters in this RPG Diablo Like Game

Mother of Myth

The average gamer would have lost count of the number of times they have embarked on a quest - virtual of course - to overcome evil for a variety of reasons, starting with nothing but a sword in the hand and a few supernatural tricks up their sleeve. Mother of Myth is one such action-RPG courtesy of Playnery, taking players on quest to reunite with friends fraught with danger and full to the brim with weapons, upgrades, and a blend of Greek and Roman mythology to make things all the more interesting.

Release Date: 31/07/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Looking beyond the incredible architecture, philosophy, and art contributions of ancient Greece, one would probably find that living in antiquity in that particular part of the world was quite a tough affair. If you weren't involved in relatively small-scale warfare then you would probably be running into someone that's philosophising or you would be cowering in fear of the power that you believed the many gods had over your lives. It's not all bad though, especially if you were a warrior going on an RPG-like quest that involved slaying enemies with your sword. The gods seem to really get behind that kind of adventure, or at least they do in Mother of Myth, an action-packed RPG that frequently invokes figures and ideas of Greek and Roman mythology, integrating them into your quest to reunite with people important to you. You have the power of the gods on your side to supplement the might of your sword; there's no way this adventure is going to be anything less than epic.

Gentle Blend of Natural and Supernatural

Apparently all it takes to be an heroic warrior these days is a mobile phone running on either Android or iOS, both platforms permitting the action-packed events of Mother of Myth to take place after some nasty monsters with bad manners happen to ransack your area of residence and kidnap a bunch of your good friends. Our protagonist isn't going to stand for it, which means that you as a player are obliged to be miffed about this also. From there, a third-person quest laced with mythological figures and supernatural powers supplementing your natural fighting ability commences.

The mechanics of the gameplay aren't the usual on-screen joystick affair as is the case in 300: Rise of an Empire - Seize Your Glory. Instead, you'll be doing a whole load of tapping: a single tap in any part of the screen will cause your protagonist to migrate to the location of said tap. This is how the whole game is controlled, and the battle mechanics are just as basic. Instead of having to swipe the screen endlessly like you were playing the best round of arcade-mode Fruit Ninja you've ever played, you simply allow enemies to approach and let the standard attack animation commence. You have the ability to perform special attacks by swiping as well, but only if you possess the particular cards that facilitate these attacks. You collect these cards by overcoming bosses and completing various dungeons, after which you can assign said cards to different gestures so that let's say a swipe, will allow you to call upon the power of the gods above to perform a more devastating attack than the standard one.

Fun in the Finding

The game involved battling in the above manner and nothing more, it would be somewhat of a bust, but thankfully Playnery have developed the game to include a system of collectables, the acquisition of which adds another layer of interest - as well as one of replayability - to the gameplay. There is a staggering quantity of trinkets and valuables to collect, and they aren't just there for the fun of it: they actually contribute to custom crafting mechanic whereby you make your own items that you can equip in order to increase your player's stats. With this added level of augmentation to the gameplay, you can tell the developers are well past simply going through the RPG motions with this title.

Pay to Progress, But Enjoyment is Free

The one feature that has the potential to spoil any game is the in-app purchase model that so many developers opt for these days. Though Mother of Myth does contain such a system, it isn't as intrusive as one may expect from a freemium game. Non-paying players will notice the main restriction comes in the form of a cap to the number of levels than can be played in succession. If you're patient, the keys to unlock the next level respawn at a fairly acceptable rate that doesn't impinge too much on the enjoyment of the adventure. There's also the usual dual-currency system where one of these currencies is premium, but it almost seems irrelevant when you realise that you simply need a little patience in order to progress in the game for free.

And so it seems freemium doesn't ruin the experience of Mother of Myth. In fact it would be pretty difficult to ruin Mother of Myth's rather unique brand of mythology-splashed fun with the epic feel of fellow Greece-centric, browser-based action game Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend. Summoning the wrath of the gods to help you in your swordsman's quest is a rather fun experience, and collecting the trinkets along the way only augments the action as well as your stats. The graphics aren't exactly revolutionary, but they're flashy enough to be a danger to your battery's longevity. Trust in the gods of ancient Greece and Rome, and they shall deliver Mother of Myth, an action game whose subject matter may be stuff of legend, but whose gameplay is legendary.


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Mother of Myth is developed by Playnery Inc.

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